T&C-data entry work

  1. Membership Fees will be refunded only when member complete the minimum 35000 entries within a year, otherwise not refundable in any circumstances.
  2. Membership fees will be refunded if work or regular payments are not provided from our side.
  3. Training will be provided for a Maximum One Hour. We are not responsible if you cant understand.
  4. Membership will be terminated if any client is traced in any kind of fraudulent activity. Membership fees will not be refunded.
  5. D3 Online Jobs is not responsible for providing the classified sites. It is client sole responsibility to search the Websites or filter the Websites list.
  6. Without any prior notice only one user can work on single registration at a time, otherwise your membership will be terminated.
  7. Mode of the payment and Registration Plan will not be changed.
  8. Membership will not transferable in any circumstances.In a Single website you should not post same Ad more than one time in a week.
  9. Only visible entries. Will be paid, if entry is not visible so you will not claim for that.
  10. You will not claim also, if any website does not accept an data entry. continuously rejected work may be permanently ban your account.
  11. URL starting with city names on same domain name will be rejected.
  12. data May be any Co. and category, All Clients will have to post accordingly.
  13. Payment will be generated based on URL submission. Only visible URL will be paid.
  14. Agreement will be valid one year from the date you made an agreement. Job work will be provided all days in a month.
  15. D3 Online Jobs has reserved the rights to change the terms & condition and agreement of this site at any time.
  16. Client has to follow all rules & regulations of Company. Jurisdiction Court Surat Guajrat India only.
    I hereby accept the above mentioned terms and conditions and that I have been explained all the terms and conditions in language of my choice. I hereby accept that I shall not claim any responsibility of the company in any circumstances.