Online Data Entry Pricing

Displaying all amounts in Indian Rupees.

  • INR 1000 / year
  • Daily Payouts
  • 1Rs / per entry
  • Accuracy 50%
  • Start
  • INR 2000 / year
  • Daily Payouts
  • 2 Rs / per entry
  • Accuracy 60%
  • Start
  • INR 3000 / year
  • Daily Payouts
  • 3 Rs / per entry
  • Accuracy 70%
  • Start
  • GOLD
  • INR 5000 / year
  • Daily Payouts
  • 5 Rs / per entry
  • Accuracy 80%
  • Start
  • INR 10000 / year
  • Daily Payouts
  • 10 Rs / per entry
  • Accuracy 90%
  • Start
All amounts are in Indian Rupees, prices may change anytime without notice.
"Online Data Entry Work" is very simple work. As the name indicates its 100% pure data entry work. All you need to do is to just copy paste the content which is provided from us into various free classifieds sites. The more you work, more you earn. Just basic knowledge of computers, Internet and English is sufficient to do this work. Unlimited work with our "Data Entry" work. There is no paper work, no outdoor marketing and no need to meet any office.You can work as full time or part time during day or night. INDIA's 1st COMPANY WHICH PAYS 10 Rs PER ENTRY WITH DAILY PAYMENT.

    • Earn up to Rs. 15,000 by working Anytime- Anywhere, Work Daily, Earn Daily.

    • 100% Genuine Work.

    • 100% Payment Guarantee

    • Only Copy Paste of data, No Typing.

    • Training Provided.

    • No Minimum Maximum Target. Unlimited Work.

    • Real Legitimate Data Entry Opportunity.

    • No Previous Experience Needed.

    • Start Earning from the Day One.

    • No qualification required.

    • Daily Guaranteed Payment.

    • Get paid by PayTM, PayPal or Online Transfer.

Step 1:

Advertiser who are interested in Promoting products/services/website makes the contract with D3 Online Jobs

Step 2:

D3 Online Jobs Collect works from Advertiser and Distribute to their respective Members.

Step 3:

D3 Online Jobs explain the members how to do the work through personal training and Online Support.

Step 4:

Members will do the work as per the advertiser requirements and they have to submit links in their respective accounts.

Step 5:

Company Verifies the links submitted by member, If it meets the requirements, D3 Online Jobs collects the payment from respective advertiser and credits to respective members account.

Step 6:

D3 Online Jobs pays the members on daily basis.

Terms and Conditions Agreement

1 Working

1.1 Job work will be provided all days in a month.

1.2 Only visible work will be paid, if work is not visible so you will not claim for that. You will not claim also, if any website does not accept a data entry.

1.3 Data May be any Co. and category, All members will have to post accordingly.

1.4 D3 Online Jobs is not responsible for providing the classified sites. It is client sole responsibility to search the websites or filter the websites list.

1.5 URL starting with city names on same domain name will be rejected.

1.6 In a Single website you should not post same Ad more than one time in 14 days.

1.7 Only visible URL will be paid.

1.8 Membership will not transferable in any circumstances.

1.9 Mode of the payment and Registration Plan will not be changed.

1.10 Payment will be generated based on approved URL submission.

1.11 Agreement will be valid one year from the date you made an agreement.

1.12 Job work accuracy as per plan should be strictly maintained.

2 Training

2.1 Online training will be provided for a Maximum One Hour. We are not responsible if you cannot understand.

3 Refund Policies

3.1 Membership Fees will be refunded only when member complete the minimum 35000 approved entries within a year, otherwise not refundable in any circumstances.

3.2 Membership fees will be refunded if work or regular payments are not provided from D3 Online Jobs.

4 Account Termination

4.1 Membership will be terminated if any client is traced in any kind of fraudulent activity. Membership fees will not be refunded.

4.2 Without any prior notice only one user can work on single registration at a time, otherwise your membership will be terminated.

4.3 Continuously rejected work may be permanently banning your account.

D3 Online Jobs has reserved the rights to change the terms & condition and agreement at any time.

Client has to follow all rules & regulations of Company. Jurisdiction Court Surat Guajrat India only.